Pinky The Invisible Flying Pony Vs The Giant, Carnivorous, Poisonous, Exploding Spider-Leeches

Cover Art For Sky Tinted WatersA Horror/Comedy Story Now Available In the Sky-Tinted Waters Anthology

When genetically-modified spider-leeches get loose in Belle Plaine Middle School and threaten to grow out of control and destroy the world, it’s up to 13-year-old Payton and her Invisible Flying Pony friend, Pinky, to save the day…

“Wow, something ripped these refrigerator doors right off the hinges.” A trail of food packages and wrappers led to a dark corner. Payton didn’t even see the giant, bulging mass hanging from the ceiling until she hit her head on it. She leaped back and watched the thing as it swung back and forth in the gloom. It looked like a big punching bag. For a moment her heart stopped, until she realized what it was. “It’s a web. Filled with food. Hey, the spider-leech is storing its food in a web, just like it did in the ecosystem!”

“Hey, that’s great.” Pinky’s voice came from the doorway. “Let’s leave now before we become part of the ecosystem!”

Payton brushed her hand across the webbing. It felt tacky, like used chewing gum left on a summer sidewalk. She walked around the sack toward the doorway when she noticed something else.

“That’s odd,” she said. “Someone left a full trash bag on the counter.”

“Ahh, Payton?”


“That’s not a trash bag.”

Will a Zamboni, a leaf blower, radioactive material from Three Mile Island, and a case of Bacon-Flavored Squeezy-Cheese be enough to stop the spider-leeches? Probably not. But it’s guaranteed to make a disturbingly fun and gooey mess of a short story, and it’s now available in Sky-Tinted Waters, a compilation of 20 stories from the Minnesota Speculative Fiction Writers Group, distributed by Sam’s Dot Publishing.

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“…laugh-out-loud funny and has one of the most colorful and outrageous protagonists I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.”
Michael Merriam

“Conrad! Stop making the copy editor laugh! She will snort tea on her computer screen, and your story will be full of the really weird editing marks.”
Eli Effinger-Weintraub

From The Author

Someone pointed out that if I was going to have a hero as epic and memorable as an Invisible Flying Pony, then I need to have an equally epic and memorable enemy.

Cue the spider-leeches.

But these aren’t your ordinary, run-of-the-mill spider-leeches. These are genetically modified spider-leeches. They are big. And fast. And poisonous. And explosive.

And they just broke loose in a middle school in southern Minnesota.

Pinky The Invisible Flying Pony Vs The Giant, Carnivorous, Poisonous, Exploding Spider-Leeches is the first story in the Pinky the Invisible Flying Pony series. I describe them as “HP Lovecraft meets Calvin and Hobbes.”