Non-Fiction Book Review – Destiny Vs. Choice: The Scientific And Spiritual Evidence Behind Fate And Free Will

Destiny vs. Choice: The Scientific and Spiritual Evidence Behind Fate and Free WillDestiny vs. Choice: The Scientific and Spiritual Evidence Behind Fate and Free Will by Marie Jones

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love the quote on the back cover -


Is that a joke? Well, the publisher (or whoever wrote the back cover copy) certainly believes in free will.

Marie Jones approaches both sides with a fair and open mind. As she says in the book, she is a diplomat. And she covers a lot of ground. From science to religion, astronomy to astrology, DNA to divination, from the Big Bang to who lit the fuse on it, this book is an overview of many aspects to consider regarding the battle of free will vs determinism.

The writing itself is mostly informal and accessible. It’s not a dry college textbook. If you watch Big Bang Theory and don’t need it explained to you, you’ll be fine.

The only thing I didn’t like was the last 29 pages, which were “Stories of Fate and Free Will” which for me, only served to water down the book, making it more consumery and less scholarly. Then again, I found the book in the New-Age section and not the Philosophy section, and I’m sure that was the author’s choice…

…or was it?

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